this is one of my all time favourite pictures

this is one of my all time favourite pictures

i forgot i had this screencap
this is so adorable, im glad i caught this moment

i forgot i had this screencap

this is so adorable, im glad i caught this moment

well, today im finally going to leave for my trek to rainbow gathering! ive been so eager to go, but our departure date has been put off for about a week, so im super excited. going to be gone for about six weeks. this trip will be impactful to say the least

and we will be stopping by the grand canyon! woot woot!!

The Things Which Thou Hast Seen

Giants are building cyclopean walls

With too many gun-posts and barracks too small 

and the higher they rise it gives way at the seams 

But with bleeding out veins they will still build it taller 

Now oceans are filled with the blood of new life 

For forging our pyramids ten thousand floors high 

While submarines frozen await now the sun 

Homaging sailors seek substitute light 

Now brothers of nations join arms where they reach 

Find time to relax on our silicon beaches 

But while oversea homes make for towers anew 

Their bones are ground for the sand and are whitened with bleach 

Yet preachers are preaching the greatness of man 

from pulpits sprung forth from the water and the sand 

Beneath twisted metal and damnation’s veil 

He screams, seafaring vessels care nothing for dams 

And the bird with two wings will care not for the branch 

Your faith is your fate and your fate is at hand 

(ive been listening to alot of hey ocean! lately, and theyre song madera inspired this. it loosely follows iambic pentameter, but i moreso wrote with the melody of that song in mind. and it wasnt till the last quatrain that i realised i was writing a sonnet, thats really nothing new. im leaving on a trip for a while and was just pulling out my notebook to take to hopefully write poetry while i was gone, but hey ocean was on so i just took to writing right away.i quite like how it turned out)

 - Buzz the Bee
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G - “E, D#, F#”


Roll out of bed, scroll past the things on my tumblr feed
Scratching my head, struck by a post that I can’t bee-lieve

This aint your dad’s buzzfeed
This is the blog of a crazed honey bee

But check that hashtag
Nelly agrees the bee’s got swag

He’s a mascot with an online penchant
But check that retweet
Screencap a pun, post, rinse, repeat
He’s a mascot with a brand new paintjob

Cereal troll? Surreal new-age marketing?
Millennials fill up their bowls, is that what they think?
It must be the honey!
He might be a nut, but so what, he’s the bee
Buzz the Bee


It’s a honey of an O. / It’s Honey Nut Cheerios! / It’s Irrezzzzistable! / Race for the taste! / Little O, Big Taste! / Nobody can say “No” to Honey Nut Cheerios. / From the hive that’s nuts about honey! / Bee happy, bee healthy! / Must Be the Honey!

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Lienad MargnI - FFFBB
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Sure, Pacman can taka the taka, but can he waka the waka?

PLease write a song about sharks that won't make me sad.


Oh trust me I’ll write plenty of songs about sharks

but they’ll all be very very depressing


I’m writing a musical that’s basically Les Mis with sharks.


Silver Spoon.


Silver Spoon.